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"Thoroughly recommended, top quality & friendly service. Can't thank you enough."
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"Amazing. If you have any website needs, contact him. You won't regret it!"
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"Thanks to your help, we're now getting a steady flow of new enquiries to our business."
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Plymouth SEO Services will turn your website into your #1 salesperson, sending you calls, leads and enquiries 24/7.

Plymouth SEO Services are top UK SEO experts, ranking at the top of Google for dozens of SEO searches, including ‘seo services’ and ‘local seo services’, so you know we can get results. 

SEO Guarantee. Based in Plymouth, Devon, we offer 5* professional Search Engine Marketing services for UK businesses and guarantee to get your website on page 1 of Google.

No Risk. All Reward. Call us on 01752 863136 or CLICK HERE for a free no-obligation quote for guaranteed Google Page 1 results. 

How Plymouth SEO Services gets you more leads and customers (60 sec video)

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Worried about getting ripped off by some dodgy SEO scammers?

There’s a lot of scammers out there offering cheap SEO deals and promising fast results.

If you’re lucky, these fake SEO Agencies will just take your money and do nothing, but if you’re not, they’ll make your website disappear from Google faster than you can say ‘search engine optimisation’!

Goodbye website and goodbye business.

With Plymouth SEO Services, you never have to worry about that, as we’re a trusted UK digital marketing company with 25 years of experience.

We’re #1 on Google for SEO, so you know we’re not all talk and can trust us to get the same results for you.

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What our clients are saying about Plymouth SEO Services:

What you get with Plymouth SEO Services

We’re the #1 ranked SEO company in Plymouth providing great customer service and 100% dedication to the success of your business, but here’s a quick look at what else you’ll get when using our proven SEO services…

Have questions? We've got the answers!

If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands to learn it properly, then go for it, but make sure you know what you’re doing before you start.

Because if you do it wrong, Google will make your website disappear from the search results quicker than you can say ‘I wish I’d hire you for professional SEO services’! 😉

Google is not forgiving and it’s almost impossible to come back from a Google ‘slap’.

Is it worth risking your business? You focus on doing what you’re an expert at and leave the SEO to the professionals at Plymouth SEO Services.

Get a free quote today to discover how our Plymouth SEO consultants can help your business get found on Google, so you get more calls and customers.

Our guarantee is plain and simple (and you won’t find anyone else offering it).

If we don’t get you on page 1 of Google within 3 months, we’ll work for free until we do.

That’s how confident we are of our SEO services

Get a free quote today to discover how Plymouth SEO Services can help your business get found on Google, so you get more calls and customers.

No, we’re called Plymouth SEO Services because we’re based in Plymouth, Devon, but we have clients from all over the world including the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Egypt and more.

We love working with local businesses in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall, but we get the same great results with our Search Engine Optimisation or SEO services no matter where you are in the UK or the World 🙂

We specialise in working with businesses that serve a local area, such as roofers, landscapers, dentists, plumbers, tree services, fencing, driveways etc.

Sorry, but we don’t work with online stores or ecommerce sites like Shopify, Etsy etc., or if you target a national or international market.

We only work with local business owners that are:

[1] Ambitious and looking to grow their business.

[2] Willing to invest in their business.

[3] Have processes and procedures in place to deal with all the extra leads and phone calls we send them.

[4] Can convert the leads we send them into paying customers.

[5] Understand the value of their website being on Page 1 of Google.

If this sounds like you and you’re serious about growing your business, get a free quote today to discover how our Plymouth SEO agency can help your business get found on Google, so you get more calls and customers.

Only if you’re doing it wrong and not getting a great return on your investment.

Done properly by experienced and trusted SEO specialists like us, you’ll get great results and an insane ROI.

But you’re right to be sceptical working with any new SEO company, so first check out our testimonials to read what some of our clients are saying about Plymouth SEO Services, and take a quick look at our About Us page.

Then book a chat with us so you can tell us what you want your website (and business) to be doing more of and to see if we’re a good fit.

We’ve been offering SEO services to businesses around the world for over 25 years, so we’ll let you know exactly what needs doing to move your website to the top of the search results and get your phone ringing.

You can then DIY or get someone else to do it, as there’s never any obligation to use us.

We don’t do contracts and offer a results guarantee.

Get a free quote today to discover how our Plymouth SEO company can help your business get found on Google, so you get more calls and customers.

I think we all know that cheaper rarely means better.

No, we’re not the cheapest, but we know our prices offer great value for the quality of service we provide, the insane results we get and the high ROI we achieve for our clients.

And if you are choosing a service purely based on price, just make sure you do your due diligence as there are a lot of scammers and cowboys out there. Is losing your business really worth the risk?

Get a free quote today to discover how our Plymouth SEO specialists can help your business get found on Google, so you get more calls and customers.

Our Free SEO Audit shows you exactly what you need to do to your website to get it on Page 1 of Google where all the action is (Over 90% of all online enquiries will use a business listed on Page 1 of Google).

You will get a detailed report and a Google Action Plan that shows you what changes you need to make sure your website is sending all the right signals to Google (SEO is all about building trust and authority with Google). 

There’s no obligation to use us. You can do the work yourself or you can use the #1 Plymouth SEO specialists to do it for you. No risk. All reward.

Get a free quote today to discover how our Plymouth SEO experts can help your business get found on Google, so you get more calls and customers. is sending all the right signals to Google.

Like any industry, there are some cowboys out there, but the fact is the person that ripped you off is the scammer, not SEO (search engine optimisation).

Done properly by experienced SEO professionals and experts like us, it is a complete game changer, sending leads, calls and enquiries to your business 24/7 and at least doubling your business revenue within 12 months when you’re listed at the top of Google (That’s what we’ve seen with all of our clients).

Read some testimonials to see what some of our clients are saying and book a chat with us to discover how our Plymouth SEO services can kick-start your website and get you more leads, calls and enquiries 24/7 (Our advice is always free and there’s never any obligation to use us).

Get a free quote today to discover how Plymouth SEO Services can help your business get found on Google, so you get more calls and customers.

Plymouth Search Engine Marketing: What does search engine marketing or SEM mean?

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) was originally the term given for any online marketing strategy that increases the website’s visibility in search engine result pages and drives traffic to a website.

This includes both paid and organic advertising (search engine optimisation – SEO).

In recent times however, SEM is increasingly being used to describe paid advertising like Google paid ads.

What is the importance of Plymouth search engine marketing or SEM?

Plymouth search engine marketing (SEM) is a key online strategy to increase online visibility, as more consumers search for and shop for products online.

A majority of visitors who visit a site find it through a Google search. Search engine optimisation helps you get your company found on Google. Paid advertising lets you advertise on Google.

Each has its pros and cons. SEO takes longer to get results, but the ROI and conversion rates of paid ads are much better. Paid ads have a lower conversion rate and may cost more per click.

Search queries are entered by consumers with the intention of finding commercial information. This makes them more likely to purchase than other websites such as Facebook, where they may not be searching explicitly for it.

When consumers are looking for products or services, search marketing is the best way to reach them. More than 95% will search online for a company listed on page 1. Only 10% of people will click on paid ads (What are you doing? ).

Although paid ads are a quick way to get traffic to your website, they can also be costly if you don’t convert. SEO has the highest long-term ROI.

Plymouth Search Engine Marketing (SEM): How it works.

Automated algorithms are used by search engines to return the best results for every query, including information about location.

Paid search advertising uses sponsored ads to increase visibility and prominence over organic search results. However, less than 10% searchers click on these ads as they are not regarded as trustworthy as organic search results.

Plymouth Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and SEO are the best combination to maximise your online exposure. The most cost-effective way to invest your marketing budget online is through search engine optimisation, but paid advertising also has it’s role to play in your online marketing strategy.

Get a free quote today to discover how our  Plymouth Search Engine Marketing services can help your business get found on Google, so you get more calls and customers.

See more on our FAQ page

Plymouth SEO Services are based in Plymouth, Devon.


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