Google’s New Map & Local Search Interface

Google's New Map & Local Search Interface

Google’s New Map & Local Search Interface. Google will soon present local results on the left and the map on the right of those outcomes. Google has verified that the search firm is rolling out a new local pack and the latest design of the map in the Google search outcomes.

The latest design moves the map to the right side of the local search outcomes, generally known as “local pack”, for the desktop search outcomes.

A Google spokesperson said: “We are continually exploring techniques to link people with the supportive detail that they are searching. We are presently rolling out an update to the search interface on desktop so when people search for businesses nearby or places, like “pubs near me” or “swimming pools near me”, they will simply view local outcomes on the left and a map on the right.

We expect this to be broadly accessible over the coming weeks. Search Engine Monster has been testing this latest design for many months now and in the current week, we saw a spike in the number of people viewing this latest design.

Actually, I have been viewing it myself over the past few days. So we asked Search Engine Monster to verify the rollout and the search firm has verified it.

If you or your customers view a lot of traffic and business from the Google local outcomes, you may view changes to that traffic. The local outcomes are now higher up on the desktop search outcomes page, with the map being moved from the top to the page right side.

I also recently saw some local SEOs talk about recent changes to their local search traffic, we suspect it was a local ranking update, but it also might be related to this design change.

In any event, confirm the queries that you position well for in search Business profile areas and view how they emerge in desktop results. It might mean more or less traffic, depending on the design and placement of your Google Local SEO map listings.

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Google Local SEO Search Map results

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