How To Increase Your Website Traffic By 200%

How to increase your website traffic by 200%

So let’s look at how to increase your website traffic by 200% & boost your Google rankings.

Content is King! Google loves new content and is a major ranking factor. Hopefully, you’ve done your keyword research and found some great ones to build content about, but what if you’re struggling for ideas or have drawn a blank?

Or maybe you’re writing dozens of blog posts every week, but none of them are ranking.

So how do you come up with content ideas that get noticed and ranked by Google?

5 million blog posts are published every day online, so how do you create content that stands out and has a chance of being ranked on Google?

Let me reveal the 4 steps you must take if you want more traffic, a higher ranking in Google and more leads and enquiries for your business:

STEP #1 – Using a keyword tool like Ubersuggest, type in a niche related keyword phrase you want to write a post about, click ‘Search’ and then select ‘Content Ideas’.

STEP #2 – This will show you some of the top blog posts online for your keyword and the interest in them on social media. If the blog has a lot of visits, backlinks and activity on Facebook and Pinterest, then it’s a topic worth writing about.

STEP #3 – Pick one of the top blogs and rewrite the selected post, making it better than the original. Make sure you target the same main keywords in your blog post as the original.

STEP #4 – Next, go to all the sites that are linking to the original blog and let them know about your post, how it’s better than the original and how their audience will enjoy reading it. You’ll discover many of these sites will want to link to you, which will drive more traffic to your site and boost your Google rankings (We experience an average traffic increase of 200% using this technique for our clients).

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I hope you found this How to increase your website traffic by 200% blog post helpful. 

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