How To Learn SEO Step By Step – Part 5

How To Learn SEO Step By Step

In the final part of our How To Learn SEO series, we’ll continue to show you how to learn SEO step by step.

In Part 4 How To Learn SEO For Beginners, we recommended you get lots of search engine optimisation practice, so hopefully, you’ve been doing that.

The next thing you need to do is prioritise based on the things that are working for you.

The last website I flipped and sold was in the health niche earlier this year. On average, I worked on the site for about 1-2 hours per week.

Now, what worked really well for that site was targeting low-competition keywords since health is such an enormous area.

So with the limited time I had, I spent most of that doing keyword research. I’d send a rough outline to a freelance writer of what I wanted, who created and polished the 1000 word article for me, and then I finished it off with some killer on-page SEO work.

And that alone resulted in more than doubling my organic traffic.

In fact, traffic was actually going down during that same time period, and it wasn’t until the following January that I started focusing on building links and ranking for more competitive keywords.

And shortly after I started that, the site was bought, so it became someones else’s job 🙂

My point is that you don’t need to do everything at once if you’re a one-person team or you’re not fully committed to the one project.

Instead, focus on the things that are working within the time that you have available to you.

And then start branching out to other things that can help give your organic traffic a big boost.

And last but not least, remember that search engine optimisation is a game of patience.

A recent study showed how long it takes to rank in Google and they found that on average, only 6% of pages ranked in the top 10 of Google within the first year of being discovered.

And what was even more surprising to me was that nearly 75% of pages never ranked in the top 100 in the first year. 75%!

Generally speaking, if you’re targeting keywords that your site can compete for, you’ve nailed the keyword research and on-page SEO, and you have enough backlinks to be competitive, then I’d say to realistically give it 6-12 months to rank for a national business website and 3-4 months for a local business website.

Now, while SEO is time-consuming, the rewards are obviously incredible.

Free, passive, and consistent traffic that doesn’t reduce over time.

So my recommendation right now is that if you’re completely new to SEO, nail those fundamentals we talked about earlier, like keyword research and actually go and get your hands dirty doing some keyword research.

And after you’ve done that, do the same for on-page SEO.

Have a look through our blog posts as we have plenty of free SEO help and advice that will point you in the right direction.

If you have any questions about anything raised in this How To Learn SEO Step By Step series, or anything to do with SEO, give me a shout on our Contact Page.

So keep grinding away and remember to always DO more than you read and I’ll see you in the next post, where we’ll give you some professional SEO keyword research tips that you do not want to miss 🙂

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