10 SEO Tips To Increase Click-Through Rate

10 SEO Tips To Increase Click-Through Rate

Here are 10 SEO Tips To Increase Click-Through Rate by Plymouth SEO Services.

SEO is all about lots of small gains. One BIG SEO factor isn’t going to jump you up the search results in one go and beat all your competitors. The real secret to SEO success is doing lots of little things that all add up and have a big impact.

In this post, I’ll show you 10 title tag SEO tips that will boost your website’s traffic.

Google’s using user metrics. It’s not just about how many backlinks you have or how good your site code is. If your website content is more appealing, people are going to click through and go to your website.

So how do you get more clicks? The SEO tips I’m revealing below are long-term solutions to get those clicks. So that way you can rank higher without building more links or optimising your site’s code. So let me break them down for you.

[1] The first title change that you can make is to start turning your title tags into questions, as these are the most popular search types.

[2] Use 40-50 characters in your meta title. Once you start going 50-60 characters we see less click-through rate even though you can put in more keywords.

[3] We see a 45% increase in click-through rate when the exact query is in the URL.

[4] Power words are like: effortless, simple, gorgeous etc., anything that just describes what you’re trying to get across. And the more power words that you use or adjectives, the better off you’re going to be.

[5] You’ll also see a 17.3% higher click-through rate for titles that contained emotions versus ones that did not contain emotions. So the more emotion that you can convey the better off you’re going to do.

[6] Make sure each page has a Meta Description, which will reward you with a 5.8% higher CTR. It’s super simple, but a lot of people don’t add meta descriptions to their page. It sounds crazy but it’s true.

[7] Titles with years in them tend to generate a 4.9% higher click-through rate. If I have an article that lists the best SEO tips for WordPress websites, if I put ‘how to SEO Tips for WordPress websites 2021’, then it will generate more clicks than if the year’s not included.

[8] Evoke curiosity in your title as it can increase your click-through rate by 5.9%.

[9] Titles that are educational in nature have 10.4% more clicks. Like ‘how to rank number one on Google‘ or ‘How to install a basin’. Those are all examples of educational or informational articles.

[10] Look at paid ads for your keyword as they have to optimise their titles for a quality score with Google, as they want a high click-through rate so they can make more money 🙂

We hope you liked these SEO tips, but remember that SEO is all about patience, but it’s always worth the wait as the payday is big and long-lasting.

These SEO tips are not overnight quick fixes. Make these changes and give it 30-60 days before you start seeing results.

Our next post will be revealing 5 tips on how to write blog posts that get 1000 visitors so don’t miss it.

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