How to rank a website on Google without writing content

How to rank a website on Google without writing content

Let’s take a quick look at how to rank a website on Google without writing content. Here are 5 pro SEO tips to get you started moving your website up the search results to get more traffic, clicks, calls and enquiries.

TIP #1: The first thing you can do is test new titles and headlines to see if you can improve your click-through rate on Google Search Console.

Why is click trough rate important when it comes to learning how to rank a website on Google without writing content?

The following online experiment explains it best: A popular online marketer asked his millions of followers to search for ‘best chicken pie recipe’ on Google, click on the first result and then go back and click on the fourth result.

Within hours the fourth result went to the #1 spot on Google and also started ranking higher for other related keywords as well.

Google thought this site was more relevant due to the number of clicks it was getting and moved it up to the top spot.

Click-through rate matters. Obviously, you can’t do the same thing for your site (unless you have millions of followers of course), but you can test your title/heading to make it more appealing so it gets more clicks.

TIP #2: Another thing you can do when you want to know how to rank a website on Google without writing content is to remove content. No, I haven’t gone crazy. If you bring all the content on similar topics together, your ranking will improve.

Check to see which of your blog posts gets the most traffic/ backlinks and 301 redirect the poorer performing blog posts on similar topics to it. Then sit back and watch the rankings climb.

TIP #3: If you want to discover how to rank a website on Google without writing content, then I recommend you do more internal linking. When you see a word or phrase in your existing content that relates to another page or post you have on your site, link to it.

Don’t worry too much about which words you’re using to link from, just make sure it’s relevant and makes sense for your visitor.

TIP #4: Still wondering how to rank a website on Google without writing content? Here’s my pro tip #4. Use schema and structured markup on your pages and posts, including FAQ schema, local business schema, product markup, offer markup etc. Google loves schema, so make sure to give them what they want.

TIP #5: More people are using their mobiles to search on Google than on any other device, so if you want to learn how to rank a website on Google without writing content, make sure your website is mobile-friendly by loading fast and displaying correctly.

If your website fits the mobile screen and shows clearly, then you’re good to go. If you need to expand or scroll to see content on your phone, it’s time to make your site responsive if you want to get higher rankings on Google.

You can check to see if your website is mobile-friendly by using Google’s free tool.

BONUS TIP: Look, all these pro SEO tips will help your website rank higher, but the fact is Google loves content. It’s what they use to decide what a page is all about and where to put you in their search results.

So that shows you how to rank a website on Google without writing content, but if you want to grab the coveted top spot on Google which gets over 90% of all clicks, then the reality is your site needs fresh regular content and if you hate writing it yourself, then get someone else to do it.

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How to rank a website in Google

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